Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cool Stuff for your Website

This information should be helpful for teachers at Dallas County. (This is what I use to add text to the pictures) (It's free) (scrolling marquee text maker) (free)

You can go to to create a word cloud. If you you save it to the gallery, you can then save it and put it on your website. You can create different layouts and color schemes. It's pretty cool.


Clipart Sites for your webpages (free) (click Free clipart sets on the left) (free) (free) (free) (these sets can be purchased for like one dollar)

Directions for Installing Fonts to your Computers

Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Educational Websites (Lots of free worksheets with an answer sheet too!) Great for use with Promethean Board (Interactive math tools, activities, and games that can be used on the Promethean Board)  Educational Games for grades K-5 (educational games for grades preK-grade 7) (great math interactive games) (great math stuff for 3rd grade) (other subjects too) (math quizzes that are fun to do) (reading stuff) (elementary powerpoints) game

 Tech Standards:   (K-2)    (3-5)   (6-8)    (9-12)

Animated Manuscript Alphabet - Upper Case
Animated Manuscript Alphabet - Lower Case
Animated Cursive Alphabet - Upper Case
Animated Cursive Alphabet - Lower Case  (SmartBoard Resources)                                        
(Reading Street Resources)

Other great websites:

Great worksheet sites! (create your own worksheets, or use theirs, for free)  (6000 free worksheets with answer keys)  (teachable videos) (math problems of the day videos)   (Language Arts teachable lessons and practice)   (Math teachable lessons and practice)  (Social Studies teachable lessons and practice)  (PowerPoint website)  (tons of worksheets with free membership signup